Defund The Halton Regional Police!

The coalition is a collaborative movement between the Oakville Black Alliance, led by young Black women, and Halton Hills Alliance for Social Change, led by BIPoC women, in partnership with PoC allies and supporters.  Our coalition was created with the intent of taking action against racism and discrimination within our communities.

While this movement was forged from the deep desire to stand in solidarity with Black people murdered South of the border, it draws attention to the longstanding white supremacy that birthed, and continues to shape, this country and our local community. We strive to work collectively with the community, and all levels of government, to address systemic problems that perpetuate racial inequalities.

This began as a march. A march to show our solidarity with those demanding justice for George Floyd.  What began as a march is now a movement — a movement for the sanctity of Black lives globally. In order to address the legacy of colonialism and white supremacy, we must address the use of armed forces to maintain order. In order to best support this movement for justice, we must support abolition. Abolition of policing. Abolition of the Prison Industrial Complex. Abolition of white supremacy.

We are imagining a world that does not exist yet. It is terrifying, but it is beautiful. We ask that you stand with us, in solidarity, and in power, as we fight for change. 

Radical Love. Radical Empathy. Radical Caring.

Defund. Abolish. Rebuild.

Co-signed by Halton Hills Alliance for Social Change & Oakville Black Alliance