Tell ECE employers to negotiate our Fair Pay Agreement

The employer associations who put their hands up to take part in negotiating the Fair Pay Agreement aren’t even willing to come to the table to discuss these claims, let alone agree with them.

Employer associations originally agreed to come together between 6-8 November to negotiate with the union team of ECE kaiako and kaimahi but did not show up. They’ve now refused to provide any dates to talk through how we can work together to improve ECE through the Fair Pay Agreement process.

Kaiako, kaimahi and employers share significant common ground, and can make real progress through these discussions. Let's ask our employers to step up and take on the role they volunteered for.

We’ve got organised, now it’s time for them to do the same.

Sign on to let them know this is something we care about, and we won’t stop until we achieve real progress towards fixing ECE.

In brief, the claims are to:

  • Prioritise Māori language providers for tamariki Māori.
  • Implement improved teacher to child ratios across ECE.
  • Invest in kaiako and kaimahi to make the early childhood education sector attractive.
  • Provide learning support to all who need it.
  • Fix funding to ensure that ECE thrives, in particular, Pasifika language and community-based providers.