Take Action Now and Help Rebuild Nova Scotia's Live Performance Sector

Take Action Now and Help Rebuild Nova Scotia's Live Performance Sector

A Roadmap for Recovering: Rebuilding Nova Scotia's Live Performance Sector

We Are Stronger Together

The time for action is now and we need your voice to ensure a successful post-pandemic recovery and rebuilding of the live performance sector. The Nova Scotia Live Performance Recovery Coalition is being created to tackle front-line advocacy and communicate the critical need for both emergency and recovery-focused investment in our sector.

The coalition is working to advance the following key points

  • Key point #1: Lifeline - The live performance sector in Nova Scotia must be provincially recognized as a “hardest hit sector” that requires critical emergency investment, for both nonprofits and private enterprises, in the current fiscal year to bridge the gap to the recovery phase of the pandemic crisis.

  • Key point #2: Recovery - The Operational Support for Cultural Organizations Program has not seen a budget increase in over 20 years. Since then inflation has grown 50% and continues to grow as a result of the pandemic. New investment for operations will facilitate the stability required for a successful economic recovery in the post-pandemic world.

  • Key point #3: Build Back Better - New investment in equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives, sponsorship matching, live presentation programs, human resources, and consumer confidence marketing projects will stimulate an efficient and robust recovery.

How can you get involved?

Step 1 - Read the report. A Roadmap for Recovery - Rebuilding Nova Scotia's Live Performance Sector 

Your sector colleagues have captured many of the ideas, observations and recommendations that have been brought forward by sector representatives on sector calls over the past 20+ months. These have been concisely summarized in the report. We invite you to review this document and use it in your individual advocacy work. It is a living document that will continue to evolve with ongoing sector input. You can find the report here.

Step 2 - Join the coalition. Provide your feedback and join our list of supporters.

We'd love to hear from you. Send us your input so we can continue to improve the report. Please follow this link. Let us know if we can add you to the list of organizations/companies endorsing this report. Others who have signed on include:

Step 3 - Email your MLA below. We also encourage you to call and/or request a follow-up meeting with your MLA.

Please take a few minutes and send a letter of support to your MLA to communicate the critical need for new investment in the Nova Scotia Live Performance Sector. See below to send a letter (takes less than 2 minutes to complete).

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This campaign is hosted by Nova Scotia Live Performance Recovery Coalition. We will protect your privacy, and keep you informed about this campaign and others.

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