Toronto council failed us, Defund police now!

Toronto Council is not reflecting our voices, and valuing Black, Indigenous, and racialized lives. Tell your representatives you will NOT stand for this senseless vote. Demand immediate defunding of police and reinvestment into programs which support BIPOC communities and keep everyone safe. 



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Goal: 1700

Change is coming. As our ancestors fought for the abolition of slavery, we fight for the abolition of the prison industrial complex... and we will win. We hold the power. When we stand together, when we organize, when we advocate, and when we call out injustice for what it is, change happens. Right now it is time to be serious in addressing our government elected officials that are currently resting on their racist laurels and say Not Another Black Life, Not Another Indigenous Life, and Not Another Racialized Life. 

On June 29, our Toronto City Council, did not show that they valued our lives. Instead their voting practices and tone throughout the meeting showed a devastating lack of education, awareness, and compassion. They failed to pass a motion that would begin to defund the police by a small amount and give back to our communites that have been oppressed for centuries. They failed to ban military-grade weapons and the use of lethal force on civilians- opening up our communities to more violence and abuse. Instead, they authorized millions of dollars to be spent on body cameras for police that do little to curb their violence.

Get your voice heard and and join us in calling out the practices of Toronto City Council. Take action now & demand better!

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