Protect Medicaid from harmful cuts and red tape!

A recently-passed House bill would cut funding to Medicaid and create new barriers to coverage and care for millions of people including many who live with serious health conditions such as bleeding disorders. 

So-called Medicaid work requirements would add new administrative hurdles and extra complexity to the Medicaid program, resulting in widespread coverage losses and harm to vulnerable patients. People who live with bleeding disorders and other serious health conditions cannot afford sudden gaps in their care. 

Recent experiments with Medicaid “work and reporting” requirements (Arkansas 2018) led to drastic coverage losses and yet failed to boost employment.  

In fact, over 90% of Medicaid enrollees nationally already work, go to school, engage in caregiving, or would qualify for an exemption from the House-passed requirements due to age, illness, or disability. Yet they would be at serious risk of losing coverage under the new paperwork requirements. With the post-PHE Medicaid “unwinding” underway, now is a particularly bad time to layer on additional red tape and bureaucracy. 

We should not add new administrative hurdles and extra complexity to a program that’s already hard to navigate!

Please raise your voice to #ProtectMedicaid from cuts and counterproductive red tape. 

Protect Medicaid from cuts and red tape that would strip coverage from people with serious health conditions!

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