Pharmacare Vote February 24

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Parliament will be voting on the Canada Pharmacare Act - Bill C-213 - on February 24, 2021.

This legislation will not move forward unless 170 MPs vote in favor of C-213.

No doubt, there are MPs getting push back from big pharmaceutical and private insurance companies that are against a universal, public, comprehensive and accessible pharmacare system in Canada. But if MPs see their inbox flooded with emails from constituents calling on them to vote yes on Bill C213, they will feel increased pressure to vote in favor of this historic legislation.

For Newfoundland and Labrador - pharmacare is critically important, as it is for all Canadians.  A survey conducted by Angus Reid found that one in four people in the province don’t take their medications as prescribed because they can’t afford them.

The research is clear; a national Pharmacare plan could save Newfoundland and Labrador $200 million per year.  Money that could be reinvested back into our public healthcare system in areas such as long term care and homecare, ensuring our seniors have the quality care they need, a more responsive and better resourced mental health care system along with hiring additional nurses and healthcare workers.

Think of the impact and net benefit to Newfoundland and Labrador with those additional investments in Canadians’ health and well-being

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