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Workers deserve dignified jobs and democratic workplaces in a prosperous economy. Help us pass a platform that benefits workers in Massachusetts


Dignified work is the bedrock to a strong and prosperous economy. Everyone should have agency to participate in the decisions that affect their lives. Workplaces and communities come alive when we share decision-making, responsibilities and profits.

But too often, our workplaces don't allow participation in decisions about our wellbeing, leaving workers feeling unheard, unmotivated, undercompensated and abused. Decision-making is far from those who do the work, and those doing the work are not nourished by its profits.

We envision a world where workers are valued decision makers, where our voices are heard and our ideas are possible. And that's at the heart of our policy platform. We're fighting for legislation that helps build truly democratic workplaces- and ensuring that they’re within reach for everyone in the state, including working class communities of color. 


Worker ownership is a proven strategy for circulating dollars in local economies and keeping quality jobs and businesses rooted in our communities. Worker-owned businesses are more productive, offer higher wages and better benefits, and have fewer layoffs– 5x to 7x lower than conventional companies– even during recessions and the COVID crisis. These benefits are game changers for local economies: we build long-term resilience against future crises, increase economic well-being in communities of color and challenge the racial wealth divide.



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The COWOP Platform

Technical Assistance Funds:  This $500,000 appropriation from the state budget would empower worker-owned businesses without access to development support to be guided by experts working with entrepreneurs to establish and grow healthy new worker coops, as well as to convert existing conventional businesses to worker-owned ones.


Grants and Loan Guarantees:  This new $4 million capital pool funded by the federal Covid recovery program (ARPA), would provide worker owned cooperatives access to funds essential for businesses to succeed, such as startup or working capital.  


An Act ensuring fair worker representation on corporate boards of directors (S1223):  This bill requires large MA companies with over $100 million in annual revenue to ensure that a minimum of 40% of its board of directors be elected by the employees of the corporation, with the same duties and responsibilities as directors elected by the stockholders.


An Act Enabling the Massachusetts Center for Employee Ownership (H511, S261):  This bill formalizes the role of the Massachusetts Center for Employee Ownership (MassCEO) , firmly establishes employee ownership as a community economic development priority for the Commonwealth, and creates a statewide Advisory Board On Employee Ownership. This stakeholder-comprised Board would advise the Governor and MassCEO on matters related to employee ownership policy, and one of its seats would be chosen democratically by COWOP members to represent coalition interests.




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