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The pandemic has made it even more clear workers, families, and communities of color have been hit hard because we lack a local, worker owned economy.

It's leading to:

  1. Deepening social and income inequality
  2. More monopolies and a loss of worker agency in the workplace, further perpetuating this unsustainable economic model.
  3. Worker owned cooperatives losing out on resources that should be available to them as small businesses.

That's why we created

Cooperative MA, Worker Ownership for a Stronger Massachusetts

Which will help us to take action together. Together is the only way to ensure that legislators learn how cooperatives can help Massachusetts to survive the pandemic and thrive afterwards. Our policy platform works to prevent corporate takeovers of small businesses and entire sectors of local economies. The only way to prevent things from getting worse is to stand up and fight for small cooperative businesses- and this is the perfect moment to do it! 


We need to shift the current paradigm and grow the movement for worker ownership in ways that center working class communities of color


To accomplish that, our policy team is bottom lined by organizations with experience in supporting and developing cooperatives together with grassroots organizing capacity that can help us pass these bills. 


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Worker ownership is a proven strategy for circulating money in the local economy and ensuring that quality jobs and businesses stay rooted in our communities.

Worker-owned businesses are more productive, offer higher wages and better benefits, and have fewer layoffs: 5-7x lower than companies that are not worker-owned, even during recessions.

These benefits are game changers for local economies.

Certification: Certification for worker owned business provides access to additional resources otherwise not available. Enterprises incorporated under Chapter 157A as well as other worker-owned and democratically structured businesses could qualify for this certification, which would unlock access to many state benefits.

Training and Technical Assistance: Communities that don't have access to business development support for worker cooperatives would have the opportunity to learn and be guided by experts in the field.

Grants and Loan Guarantees: Worker owned cooperatives would be able to access funds that are essential for businesses to succeed, like startup or working capital.


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