Investigate Operation Lone Star

Since March of 2021, Governor Abbott's Operation Lone Star in the state of Texas has put asylum-seekers at serious risk of injury and death. Instead of welcoming vulnerable children and families with dignity at our border, Governor Abbott has met them with appalling cruelty, as detailed in a report from the Houston Chronicle. Unfortunately, President Biden has chosen to meet this moment with his own asylum ban, forcing refugees and asylum seekers to return to very dangers they are fleeing. 

This is unacceptable. This cannot be how our country responds to vulnerable asylum seekers. The United States cannot claim to be a nation that fights for human rights everywhere else when we turn our backs on immigrant families and children seeking a chance at survival and a better future. 

Everyone deserves a safe place to live and thrive. President Biden and Congress must do everything in their power to investigate Operation Lone Star and the egregious human rights violations that have resulted as a consequence of Governor Abbott's rogue agenda at the U.S.-Mexico border - and President Biden must reverse his asylum ban that sentences asylum seekers to further danger and death.

*Graphic above is from the Marshall Project, a nonprofit news organization