Tweet at Your Representative: Center Palestinian demands & end military funding to Israel

Last month, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip faced Israeli bombing for nearly two weeks straight1 during an expanding community outbreak of COVID-192, with a healthcare system deliberately broken down by Israel’s 14-year blockade and collective punishment policies.3

U.S. government policies and taxpayer dollars sustain Israel’s bombs and blockade, when we should instead be supporting healthcare and freedom for Palestinians in Gaza.

Now, Palestinians in the U.S. have just released a letter to Congress demanding an end to the military funding of Israel by the U.S. 

More broadly, they urge Congress to center Palestinian voices in policy decisions.

"We seek life-giving policies. We implore you to consider a simple solution to this dead end in U.S. policy towards Palestine and Israel: center those most harmed by violence and oppression—the Palestinian people—and follow their vision for a free, just, and peaceful future for all."

Today, we tweet at our representatives in Congress to amplify the voices of Palestinians in the U.S. and their demands: Center Palestinian voices and demands—end the $3.8 billion yearly funding to Israel's military.

Join us in this act of radical solidarity, as we build across movements toward a just, liberated world that we know is possible.


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1. "Israel carries out air strike on Gaza over balloon bombs, rockets" Aljazeera, 16 Aug 2020
2. "Gaza fears the worst as Israel ratchets up its siege," Aljazeera, 26 Aug 2020
3. "Israel’s caging of Gaza is a recipe for coronavirus disaster." +927 Magazine, 22 Mar 2020

Tweet at Your Representative: #CenterPalestinians—Stop funding Israel's military

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