Tell your Senators: Pass the NO BAN Act

The No Muslim Ban Ever campaign, representing over 100 Muslim and immigrants’ rights groups, is urging the Senate to pass the historic NO BAN Act.

The first-ever Muslim Civil Rights Bill, if passed, would limit U.S. immigration law so that no future president can single-handedly issue bans that bar immigrants based on their national origin or religion.

The NO BAN Act effectively makes the Muslim ban and African bans that tore our communities apart a thing of the past.

Use our one-click call tool to send a custom message directly to your Senators before it's too late: We need to pass a clean NO BAN Act now.

While we all continue to celebrate the repeal of the Muslim and African bans, we must work together to urge Congress to pass the NO BAN Act legislation as quickly as possible so that they never happen again. 

The NO BAN Act previously passed in the House of Representatives last July, and again this April. It is also included in President Biden’s U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021, a broad immigration bill recently introduced in Congress that would improve the lives of millions of immigrants and their families. 

Together, we can make sure the #NOBANAct passes and becomes law.

Use our one-click call tool to take action: Tell your Senators we must pass the #NOBANAct immediately and with no watered down amendments. 

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Tell your Senators: Pass the NO BAN Act

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