Stop Arming Genocide

April 22, 2024  UPDATE

On Saturday, with a vote of 366 to 58, the House passed the Israel Security Supplemental Appropriations Act — now headed to the Senate and with full support from the White House — paving the way for Biden to send billions more to Israel. 

After Saturday’s vote, the Israeli military, emboldened by the vote, carried out strikes on Rafah, where over a million Palestinians are sheltering. The strikes killed more civilians, the majority of whom were children.  

The following 37 Democrats voted against sending billions of dollars of additional military assistance to Israel for its genocidal assault on Gaza. 

Please join us in calling 202-224-3121 to thank them. 
(This is the House switchboard, and you’ll need to give the name of each Rep you want to thank.)

1. Balint, Vermont     
2. Beyer, Virginia 
3. Blumenauer, Oregon      
4. Bowman, New York      
5. Bush, Missouri      
6. Carson, Indiana    
7. Casar, Texas      
8. Castro, Texas      
9. Chu, California      
10. DeSaulnier, California      
11. Doggett, Texas      
12. Frost, Florida      
13. Garamendi, California      
14. García (IL), Illinois      
15. Green, Al (TX), Texas      
16. Jackson (IL), Illinois      
17. Jayapal, Washington      
18. Johnson (GA), Georgia      
19. Khanna, California      
20. Kildee, Michigan      
21. Lee (CA), California      
22. Lee (PA), Pennsylvania      
23. McGovern, Massachusetts      
24. Ocasio-Cortez, New York      
25. Omar, Minnesota      
26. Pingree, Maine      
27. Pocan, Wisconsin      
28. Pressley, Massachusetts      
29. Ramirez, Illinois      
30. Raskin, Maryland      
31. Takano, California      
32. Thompson (MS), Mississippi    
33. Tlaib, Michigan    
34. Tokuda, Hawaii    
35. Velázquez, New York    
36. Waters, California    
37. Watson Coleman, New Jersey