No more funds for genocide

CONGRESS ALERT - March 13, 2024

The House is currently circulating a "discharge petition" to force a vote on the Senate supplemental $14 billion military aid package to support Israel’s continued massacres, ethnic cleansing, and starvation in Gaza; 218 Members in the House would need to sign the discharge petition in order for it to trigger a vote on the House floor on the military aid package to Israel.

We must stop it. Tell your Member of Congress NOT to sign the discharge petition and to oppose any efforts to provide any additional military assistance to Israel.    

With more than 39,000 Palestinians killed in Gaza since October — two-thirds of whom are women and children — we have to stop the U.S. from sending more arms to Israel. 

Millions of people across the country are demanding a permanent ceasefire in Gaza and calling for an end to Israel's brutal occupation. 

We must act now and flood our Members of Congress’s inboxes and phone lines to stop this discharge petition and the passage of additional military assistance for Israel’s ongoing genocidal campaign in Gaza.

Here’s a list of the Members of Congress who have already signed the discharge petition