Make the Call: Tell Congress #NoWarOnIran

image depicting state of Iran with text overlaid #NoWarOnIran

UPDATE: The House will vote on a similar War Power resolution TODAY. 
Call your Representative now and demand the House vote in support of blocking Trump's war with Iran. 

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Trump's statement following Iran's retaliation indicates that the US is willing to step-back from what could be a catastrophic war with Iran. 

Here's whats next:

A broad-based anti-war movement that reached people across the world—including Trump allies—is what made all-out-war a really bad idea for Trump. That’s a real victory and why we MUST keep on the pressure to contain what could happen next. 

Now is the best time for Congress to pass a War Powers Resolution that ensures Trump cannot single-handedly decide on acts of war ever again. Reps. Ilhan Omar and Barbara Lee have introduced a War Powers Resolution that would mandate no further Trump administration hostilities against Iran without Congressional approval.

Call your Member of Congress this very moment, and let them know their voters reject the march to war with Iran.

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