Lift the Siege on Gaza

UPDATED 5/10/23

Your action is urgently needed to stop the Israeli regime’s latest round of violence against Palestinians in Gaza this week. The Israeli government is escalating aggression against the Palestinian people in response to internal political strife as Netanyahu attempts to keep his ruling coalition intact by appeasing the fascist members of his government, particularly Itamar Ben Gvir and his party.

Recent Israeli airstrikes have killed at least 29 people, including several children. This surge in violence comes less than two years after the May 2021 assault on Gaza when the Israeli regime killed more than 200 Palestinians in 11 days. With one click, please take a moment to demand Congress stop funding this violence and the blockade on Gaza.


Join us and millions globally demanding Congress excercise its full power & ability to stop funding Israel, impose sanctions, and end the cyclical violence that destroys Palestinian life. Together, we can say to the survivors of the countless bombings in Gaza: the U.S. does not act in our name. We demand an end to the flow of weapons to Israel’s apartheid regime.

More than 80% of the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip are from towns and villages just across the militarized border. From Gaza’s rooftops, Palestinians can see their grandparents’ and parents’ homes in Isdoud, Asqlan and other Palestinian towns ethnically cleansed by Israeli forces in 1948. Although international law decrees that they should be home in a free Palestine, the people of Gaza are uniquely subject to bombings, restricted movement, and mass murder at the hands of Israel and its military support from the U.S.

We believe that Israel's access to U.S. made bombs, fighter planes, and billions in military funding is not inevitable.

Massive global demonstrations in solidarity with the resistance struggle in occupied Palestine are changing the tides towards liberation. In 2021, unprecedented support for Palestinian life swept the mainstream media, our progressive movements, and even the halls of Congress. For the first time ever, human rights organizations are universally naming Israel's practice of apartheid, and members of Congress are demanding that U.S. law take Israel's war crimes seriously and limit the flow of tax-payer dollars to its military.

Let’s continue building upon this momentum: keep the stories of Palestinian families decimated by Israeli state violence in the public eye, shorten the distance between people in the U.S. and  Gaza, and awaken the people power neccessary to hold Israel and its supporters accountable.

The goal is not perpetual resilience, perpetual rebuilding after violence. The goal is freedom. Palestinians in Gaza will be free. Free to travel. Free to study. Free to work. Free to live. Free to start a family without the fear they will be taken. Free to pursue dreams. Free to live.

Join us. Demand Congress stop funding the blockade and attacks on Gaza.

Gaza Is Palestine is a Palestinian-led effort from Adalah Justice Project and MPower Change building upon the historic global movement to end Israeli occupation, colonization, and violence that ignited with new life in spring 2021

Stop the Bombs: Lift the Siege on Gaza

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