Free Mr. F HUB

Mr. F is a Muslim man who came to the U.S. seeking asylum with his wife and two children.

Currently detained at an ICE prison in Laredo, TX, he is sick and in need of critical medical attention while his wife who just gave birth to their newborn baby. This family — separated by the ICE detention-deportation machine for over 5 months — must be reunited NOW.

Click here to listen to Mr. F talk about his story.

Mr. F's family left their home country due to criminalization and persecution based on their religion, Islam. They spent weeks detained together in a family detention center — described by Judge Dolly Gee as being "on fire" because of the spread of COVID-19.

ICE weaponized the very persecution Mr. F faced at the hands of the Tajik and Russian governments to pain him as a "national security" risk and separate him from his family. The coded language of "national security" used to demonize Muslims in the U.S. is too familiar to be overlooked: systemic Islamophobia is the reason ICE continues to imprison Mr. F.

Over the past 5 months, as COVID-19 ravages prisons and jails across the U.S. [1], Mr. F became one of the hundreds of incarcerated people who have contracted COVID-19 and had to suffer and recover alone in inhumane prison conditions. Despite repeated attempts to access care, he has received limited medical attention while his condition worsens.

On the other side of the bars, Mr. F's wife has just given birth to their third child. His wife, the newborn baby, and their 3 and 5 year old children are currently staying at a church in San Antonio, and the pastor there is ready to receive Mr. F so that the family can be reunited during the continued pendency of their immigration cases. 

Join MPower Change, RAICES Texas, SAALT, and more to let ICE know we won't allow them to detain Mr. F (or anyone) in dangerous, punitive conditions, and punish them for being Muslim and seeking asylum.

Email and Call the Laredo ICE Assistant Field Office Director Robert Cerna and demand ICE #FreeMrF!

1. '"A Ticking Time Bomb': Advocates Warn COVID-19 Is Spreading Rapidly Behind Bars," NPR, 28 April, 2020

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