End COVID Sanctions

If we've learned one thing from this global pandemic, it is that we're more interconnected than we thought.

Right now, 80 million Iranians are facing tragic consequences of U.S. sanctions in the midst of this global crisis, with Iran being a hot zone for COVID-19. And as if that wasn't enough, Trump imposed additional sanctions on Iran this week—the same week that both China and the UK urged the US to ease sanctions so that Iran can receive international aid. Researchers predict that if sanctions aren't lifted, at least 3.5 million Iranian lives will be lost to COVID-19. 

Send a letter to the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and let them know that the U.S. needs to lift its deadly sanctions on Iran. Join us in fighting to #EndCOVIDSanctions and give Iranians what experts say is critical to stopping COVID-19: 120 days of sanctions relief or face catastrophic loss of life.

Send a letter to OFAC and Sec. Mnuchin: End Covid Sanctions

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