Ceasefire in Gaza Now!


We’re witnessing an active genocide in Gaza.

We need a ceasefire.

Reps. Cori Bush and Rashida Tlaib are calling for just that.

Tell your Member of Congress to cosponsor H.Res.786 now.

Tell your Senators to call for a Ceasefire NOW.

Israel, which has one of the most powerful militaries in the world,¹ has reportedly killed more than 10,700 Palestinians in Gaza and is continuing airstrikes and a ground invasion forcing over one million men, women, and children in the north to move south under threat of death.²

Under blockade and siege for 16 years, the 2.2 million people of Gaza are captives –– enduring without access to water, food, electricity, and fuel. 

It is horrific that civilians, Palestinian and Israeli, have borne the brunt of the tragedy we are witnessing. If we do not act now, the events of the Israeli military in Gaza will compound that horror to unimaginable proportions. 

We need urgent action now to avoid more loss of precious human life.

We need a ceasefire. 

We need an immediate ceasefire in Gaza to stop the loss of life and allow humanitarian aid, medical attention, food, and water.


1. “Israel ranks among 10 most powerful countries in annual list; 4th strongest military,” The Times of Israel, Jan. 2, 2023.

2. "Israel-Gaza war in maps and charts: Live Tracker" Aljazeera, (updated daily).