Community Action Grant Policy Wins!

Community Action Policy Wins!

We are very excited to share the Minnesota Legislature included a $1 million annual increase to the Community Action Grant in the Health and Human Services budget signed into law on June 29, 2021. The budget also included a formula change for the Community Action Grant, increasing the base funding for the smallest Tribal Nations to match the base funding for the Community Action Agencies. 

These are huge wins for our Community Action Agency network. We invite you to thank your legislator(s) for supporting Minnesota's Community Action Agencies and our program participants.


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  • Say thank you! We often forget to thank legislators, and it is one of the most important steps in the advocacy process. 
  • Make sure your legislators know about Community Action.
  • Share the importance of the Community Action Grant for your Agency or in your community (optional)
  • The legislators listed below are prepopulated from the address you entered above. We have also included State Senator Jim Abeler, who championed the Community Action Grant policy wins. Even if you do not live in his district, you are welcome to send a thank you to Senator Abeler.


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