Hunger Is Still Here - October 2021

Take action with us to demand a better, bolder plan for school breakfasts that ensures no child is too hungry to learn.

Tomorrow, the Government will announce a new budget. We need you to email your MP right now in support of funding for hunger-focused school breakfast provision.

As Magic Breakfast Youth Campaigners, we feel strongly about this issue because it feels so close to home. Those of us who go to schools supported by Magic Breakfast know first-hand the impact and change that this one meal makes to pupils is astronomical. We also know that for young people feeling the isolation that accompanies food poverty, school breakfast provision provides a social atmosphere where they can feel connected with their peers. Schools are doing incredible work to stop child morning hunger; Magic Breakfast is reaching 200,000 children with a nutritious breakfast each school day. But hunger is still here. 2.5 million children have been at risk of hunger in the last eight months. 

The Government is investing £24 million into school breakfasts until 2023, but at best only a third of the most disadvantaged schools will be offered any support and this plan isn't sustainable as schools are left to pick up much of the cost - an additional £75 million investment would mean every child at risk of hunger at Primary School could be reached with a barrier-free and stigma-free school breakfast provision.

Please take action with us today and email your MP to let them know how it isn't right that children's education and life chances are restricted by hunger. Thank you for all your support.


Hunger is Still Here

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