Write a LTE to Thank Your Representative for Protecting Our Families from Reckless GOP Cuts

MAGA extremists are taking the economy hostage and have passed a disastrous new bill that threatens to drive the US to default on our debts unless they’re able to slash funding for critical programs like Medicaid, Food Assistance, and Veterans’ Benefits We need every Democratic elected official to stand with President Biden, refuse to engage in these bad faith negotiations, and oppose any cuts to programs our families and communities rely on.

Your Member of Congress (MoC) made their position clear – they oppose this MAGA Republican bill – and have signed onto a Discharge Petition that would bring a clean default prevention bill to the House floor, even if Kevin McCarthy tries to block it. We can’t afford the extreme cuts to public education, Medicaid, or other public programs that would be caused by a MAGA Default Crisis. You can help make sure your MoC continues to be a champion by writing a letter to the editor thanking them for signing onto the Discharge PetitionWrite a letter today thanking your MoC and encouraging Democrats to continue to be fighters.

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