Call on your Democratic MoC to Defend Medicaid & Education

Tweet to Defend Medicaid and Education

MAGA extremists are trying to force the US to default in our debts, causing economic collapse. We need to publicly call on all of Democratic members of Congress to stand united against their attacks and ensure that Medicaid and our schools aren't turned into GOP bargaining chips. Use our Twitter tool to urge your Democratic representative to protect these critical programs that millions of Americans count on!

Call on your Democratic MoC to Defend Medicaid & Education

MAGA Republicans, led by Kevin McCarthy and the extremists in the House Freedom Caucus, have made it no secret that they plan to weaponize the vote to raise the debt ceiling by attempting to extract concessions on spending on critical programs like Medicaid or Education. This gambit will do nothing but endanger the social safety net, all while putting our national economy at perilous risk. We need Democrats to stand united against these attacks, refuse to engage in these bad faith negotiations, and oppose any cuts to Medicaid or Education.

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