Congressional Pressure for Cash: LTE Action

Goal: 1000

Writing a Letter-to-the-Editor is a powerful tool for constituents (you!) to tell your community and your leaders that you think they should prioritize an emergency basic income (or "recurring cash payments") during COVID. Lots of people read Letters-to-the-editor: average community members, local leaders and politicians, as well as the aides to federal Representatives and Senators. It is a primary tool that helps communicate the needs and priorities of a community to the people who have an opportunity to do something about it. This makes it one of the most effective ways to advocate for new legislation and policies.The lack of financial security provided by the government throughout the COVID pandemic has caused devastating consequences for millions in cities and states across our nation. We know that monthly checks will support the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities and will speed up the recovery of local and national economies. And we know that telling the unique stories and experiences that people are having during COVID can help sway those in power towards prioritizing recurring cash to the people.

Writing to your local newspaper will make your Senators and Representative at the state and federal level take notice to this pressing issue and could have a significant, positive impact on those in your community.

 We have a BIG Goal to get 1000 Letters written to Editors of publications across the country to bring a wave of Local Media around Monthly Stimulus Checks. Your action makes a difference, and your perspective and experience is an invaluable asset to the fight for economic justice!!


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