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Dear Attorney General Rob Bonta:

I am writing to urge you to further support Hoag in its efforts to regain its independence. It is time for your office to insist on a separation of Hoag from Providence St. Joseph Health.

Hoag belongs to this community and we believe in Hoag’s vision of the future where physicians and patients have the freedom to decide a course of care based on best medical practice and what is right and comfortable for each patient, and to do so without imposition of any external religious, corporate or bureaucratic constraints coming from Renton, Washington.

Here is what is at stake: Hoag’s independence is critical to the full restoration and expansion of essential services in our community, and the primacy of decision making between a patient and the physician, without constraints.

I join Hoag’s doctors, nurses, staff, the Founders Boards, and the Board of Trustees in asking your office to take a stand in this case, which is so important to so many people in Orange County. Hoag, ranked the best hospital in Orange County for five straight years, is in a position to be even better with the current constraints removed and local control restored.

Our community deserves direct and seamless access to advancements in all areas of health care.

Please stand up for Hoag and make a difference for Orange County residents by supporting dissolution of Hoag’s affiliation with Providence St. Joseph Health and/or rescinding your Office’s conditional approval of the affiliation.

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This letter is being sent to California Attorney General Rob Bonta, with a copy sent to key elected officials and representatives of Hoag.

We will not share your comments, email address, or contract information with any other organizations, but may refer to personal comments shared in the letter without attributing those comments to you.  We have received many compelling stories from community members regarding the impact that Hoag’s affiliation with Providence is having on patient care, and we want to ensure that those stories are heard.

The elected and other government officials receiving a copy of this letter are Attorney General Rob Bonta, Chief of Staff to Attorney General Viviana Becerra, Deputy Attorney General Renuka George, Senior Assistant Attorney General Tania Ibanez, Deputy Attorney General Sandra Barrientos, California Speaker of the Assembly Anthony Rendon, California Senate President pro Tempore Senator Toni Atkins, California Senator Dave Min, U.S. Congresswoman Katie Porter, District Director of the Office of U.S. Congresswoman Katie Porter Cody Mendoza, California Senator Dr. Richard Pan, and California Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris.

This campaign is hosted by Hoag. We will protect your privacy, and keep you informed about this campaign and others.