Denounce the enablement of abuse to 2SLGBTQIA+ groups! Ask for improved corporate citizenship!

Corporate citizenship involves a responsibility from all organizations that operate in their community & surrounding areas. Systemic oppression & structural violence will continue to inhibit progressive steps towards equity without actively dissolving the barriers upheld by power & privilege.

Mutual respect between political leaders, business management & their communities is a core value to be upheld. Everyone deserves dignity, respect & safety regardless of any difference in bias between the groups.

Encourage political leaders to incentivize businesses to succeed with socially responsible practices through notable recognition in their respective regions. Investors, employees & community members enjoy mutual benefits with companies that embrace their corporate social responsibilities.

Demand political leaders to denounce companies who disregard corporate social responsibilities & maintain accountability until systemic change occurs.

Make your voice heard & hold leaders in your region accountable to higher standards. Your message goes to federal, provincial & civic leaders in your area, and it also goes to the mayors of Winnipeg & Toronto. No matter where you are, your call to action gets delivered to leaders responsible for creating change!


Encourage political leaders to incentivize businesses to succeed by optimizing socially responsible practices & reward those who stand out!

Demand political leaders to denounce companies that disregard their corporate social responsibilities!

Hold lawmakers & business leaders accountable to a higher standard of social, ethical & economic responsibilities from businesses in their community!

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His Worship Mayor Brian Bowman
His Worship Mayor John Tory
Ian Scott, Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer CRTC
Pamela Miller, Director General Telecommunications and Internet Policy Branch - Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
Federal Election 2021 Candidates and Party and/or Parliamentary Leaders
City Council, Public School Boards, Legislative Assembly, Senate and House of Commons representatives of [your location will go here]
Culture and Tourism, Disability Rights, Education, Indigenous Affairs, Racial Justice, and Women's Equality Ministers of [your location will go here]

  • Systemic oppression & structural violence will continue to inhibit steps towards equity without an effort to dissolve the barriers upheld by power & privilege actively.
  • The City of Winnipeg & the City of Toronto are partners of Pride at Work. If they recognize diversity, equity & inclusion, they must lead by example and expect similar behaviour from their cities.
  • Evanov Radio Group owns "103.9 Proud FM." At launch, it was the first radio station in Canada targeting the LGBTQ community & still promotes itself as "Toronto's LGBTQ Radio Station."
  • Evanov Radio Group's flagship station, Z103.5, also from the Greater Toronto Area, used transphobic dialogue in the gender field of their Facebook page until it got addressed & subsequently removed. 

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