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Email Allan Hubley to Support #ParaParity

It is not acceptable that people who use Para Transpo are routinely forced to wait on hold for 30, 45, minutes, and sometimes over 2 hours just to book a trip. It is 2019, and long past time for on-linebooking.

After the Para Transpo Strike in 2001, many users hoped to see better service, those hopes were sorely disappointed. Wait times to book rides were excessive, so Sally started recording her wait times, and shared the results with the City Councillors, City Staff, and the Public. Even with this growing body of evidence, and the powerful stories that Sally has shared at Transit Commission and the Transportation Committee, the demands for change were not taken seriously.

Sally Thomas and other activists have met with John Manconi, the General Manager of Transportation, including OC Transpo, about the need for improvements to Para Transpo. Over 100 people have emailed Mayor Watson and their City Councillors, but they haven’t been listening.

However, we refuse to be ignored any longer. We need to come together, support each other, and speak with one voice to put pressure on decision makers and push for change. 

On-line booking for Para Transpo - Allan Hubley

Goal: 200

We are fighting for equity with the Para Transpo booking system which currently requires users to book their rides a day in advance and cancel a minimum of 3 hours in advance or incur penalties. People often find themselves waiting on hold for 2+ hours, and have no other option. We have asked the city to expedite the creation of a smartphone application and website that will help clear up the phone lines.

We've been fighting for on-line booking for more than two years, and we are tired of being ignored! On August 29th, on-line booking for Paratranspo will be discussed at the Transit Commission meeting, and we need to make sure it doesn't get pushed aside any longer.

Help us put pressure on our City to take action now! 

We're targeting a different decision maker at the city every day this week. Today we're targeting Transit Commission Chair, Allan Hubley to demand better for Paratranspo users. 

This campaign is hosted by Healthy Transportation Coalition. We will protect your privacy, and keep you informed about this campaign and others.