Immediate Action Needed To Ensure Millions of Americans Have Access to Lifesaving Obesity Medications

Obesity is a chronic disease with significant health and quality of life impacts, and currently one of our nation’s worst public health crises — affecting 42 percent of the U.S. population. In communities of color, the epidemic is even worse, with obesity rates reaching almost 50% among Black and Latino adults.

Obesity is both a public health crisis and a health equity crisis. But it doesn’t need to be — obesity is a complex, chronic disease that is treatable.

While many insurance programs provide access to FDA-approved obesity medications — including the taxpayer-funded programs enjoyed by government officials — Medicare continues to deny coverage to millions of Americans living with obesity who need  access to lifesaving treatment.

Tell the Biden Administration that it’s time to take immediate action to modernize outdated Medicare coverage rules to ensure millions of Americans have access to lifesaving obesity care and treatment.



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