FM Ontario Campaign

Help amend Bill 23 and power a province-wide climate win!

Goal: 250

Ontario has TWO WEEKS to reconsider a hugely significant threat to climate action province-wide.

Haven’t heard about it?! You’re not alone.

Buildings are the 2nd leading cause of emissions in the province, and for over a decade, cities have been passing policies that have made critical gains in energy-efficiency & carving a path to net-zero. A new bill (Bill 23) would override council-approved energy efficient design in Toronto, Ottawa, Brampton, Ajax, Whitby, Pickering, Markham, and other municipalities across Ontario—knocking us way off course to meeting our climate targets & making all of us more vulnerable to surging gas prices.

Join us in contacting provincial politicians of all parties to amend Bill 23 and protect green development standards, and help us power a HUGE youth-led win for climate & affordability!

When you click the MAKE THE CALL button, the system will call your phone and patch you through.  PLEASE HAVE YOUR PHONE READY.

NOTE: DON'T HANG UP ONCE YOU HAVE FINISHED YOUR FIRST VOICEMAIL! After you've completed your first voicemail, press the star key on your phone (*) to be connected to the next minister. This awesome tool enables you to leave FOUR voicemails in a row for maximum impact. First it'll connect you to your MPP, followed by each of the 3 ministers that are most connected to this bill.Once you've left all four messages you will be disconnected automatically.

Key points for your voicemail:

  • My name is (name), my postal code is (postal code), and I’m calling about Bill 23
  • I’m calling to ask that you amend Bill 23 to support council & community supported approved energy efficient design
  • This is important to me because... (your reason)
  • I would like to see you take into consideration that... (pick one)
    • Energy efficiency & affordability are NOT at odds; energy-efficient buildings BOOST affordability for residents
    • With the extreme weather events hitting Canada & across the world, the urgency couldn't be greater to take action on climate
    • The Green Development Standards municipalities have put in place are an important piece of our climate plan
    • We can have more homes AND meet our climate targets
    • If 1.5 million new homes are built without strong energy efficiency standards, we’ll have to retrofit all of those homes; and those costs will fall to our generation.
  • Optional: Add a personal reason why Climate Change is important to you.
  • Young people across Ontario are counting on you. Please amend this bill and protect our futures!

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