Tell your local Toronto Centre candidates why you care about the future of Canadian culture and media!

This by-election is crucial.

The parties are watching which issues bubble up to the surface as they get ready for the next federal election.

Let's make sure the voices of FRIENDS supporters are heard. Let's make sure no politician in this country can get elected if they espouse an anti-CBC agenda and are too cozy with foreign Big Tech.

This is why we're asking all parties to commit to working towards a truly public and independant CBC as well as ending the free ride for Big Tech.

We are asking every party to commit to:

Working for a truly public and independant CBC:

  • Strengthen CBC’s independence by ending political appointments to the Board of Directors
  • Give the Board authority to hire and fire CBC’s President
  • Make CBC a truly public broadcaster by reducing its dependence on advertising

Ending the free ride for Big Tech:

  • Enforce existing laws to hold Big Tech liable for hosting and recommending illegal content like child sexual abuse imagery, hate speech and death threats
  • Require companies like Google and Facebook to pay Canadian producers for their content, especially journalism
  • End Silicon Valley’s tax-free status
  • Stop subsidizing the price of advertising on Facebook and Google with our tax dollars
  • Require foreign internet broadcasters to support Canadian content just as Canadian broadcasters must

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Please note that Ben Sharma, the Conservative Party candidate, does not have a campaign phone number. To contact Erin O'Toole, please use our email tool.

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