Woman in a wheelchair cooking potatoes at a stove

Double ODSP Rates Today!

Could you live on a potato a day?

A recent news article reported that many Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) recipients find themselves struggling to survive and have no choice but to live on what is referred to as the 'ODSP diet': a potato a day, or instant coffee as an appetite suppressant. 

Unfortunately, this is not surprising, as a single person only receives a maximum of $1,169 per month through ODSP. In looking at the cost of basic necessities each month, like rent, hydro, and food, this rate falls far below what is needed for even the most basic standard of living. And, with current inflation - these costs have only gone up. 

While the Government of Ontario has announced a 5% increase to ODSP rates, this will only provide recipients with an additional $58.00 per month, which still falls far below what is needed. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Feed Ontario showed that over 60% of respondents had less than $100 left per month after paying for housing and utilities. Meaning, thousands of people in our province are trying to make $100 stretch across all other living costs, including transportation, medicine, and food. For many, this is an impossible challenge. 

Food banks are working hard to ensure that ODSP recipients, and people across the province, have access to enough food to eat and do not have to live on just a potato a day. However, this is not enough. It is only through adequate social assistance programs and income support that this troubling problem can be addressed. 

Feed Ontario and our network of food banks are calling on the provincial government to double ODSP rates immediately. Join our campaign by sending an email to your MPP, using our easy-to-use tool.