Save Ontario's Science Centre

The Ontario Science Centre (OSC) has been underfunded by the government for years. And now its very existence is under threat.

The Government of Ontario plans to demolish the iconic, award-winning OSC to replace it with a 50% smaller building, located on top of a parking garage at Ontario Place.

This plan is not only unnecessary, it’s expensive too.

At least $650 million of our tax dollars will be used to build a smaller OSC at Ontario Place, as well as a new concert venue, beaches and a large parking garage that will primarily benefit a private foreign-owned corporation.

These same tax dollars could be put towards renewing the OSC at its current site. Demolishing the OSC building, rather than investing in its renewal, is an abhorrent waste of materials and resources. There has been no public consultation on this decision, nor has an environmental impact assessment been conducted at the proposed new site. And we have yet to see the business case from the government proving that this move is necessary.  

There is no evidence to support that relocating the OSC is in the best interest of Ontarians.

The OSC was an iconic gift to Ontarians to celebrate Canada’s centennial in 1967, and was one of the first interactive science museums in the world. Today, there are more than 3,000 science centres globally: many attribute their inspiration to OSC and purchase its innovative exhibits. The government’s plan to downsize the OSC will squander this expertise and international reputation, and puts the livelihood of hundreds of Ontarians at risk.

The OSC building is an important part of Ontario’s cultural heritage. Built by the late Ontario architect, Raymond Moriyama, it is a thoughtful and innovative design intended specifically to host visitors in an engaging environment that encourages curiosity. The proposed demolition of the OSC has been strongly condemned by prominent architectural organizations, including the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.

Importantly, the OSC was deliberately situated in Flemingdon Park-Don Mills, away from downtown Toronto, and accessible by highways. Well over 100,000 school children visit each year from around the province. By relocating the OSC to downtown Toronto, where gridlock traffic has become insufferable, those school trips will mostly be available only to Toronto children in the future.

Ontario should be proud to have a major cultural institution as the heart of a growing, youthful, and diverse community. The OSC’s connection to the Flemingdon Park and Thorncliffe Park neighbourhoods is strong and benefits so many.

The government plans to close the OSC in 2025, and to open a 50% smaller building three years later. There is widespread concern that the real plan is to shutter the Ontario Science Centre forever. Tell your representatives to keep OSC open.

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Demand that proper investments are made in the Ontario Science Centre so that it continues to be a world class educational institution that Ontarians can be proud of and enjoy for decades to come.

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