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Ukraine is under a full-scale unprovoked military attack by Russia right now. Our families and friends are fighting and spending sleepless nights in shelters protecting their families. We need to help them now together.

We ask you to reach out to your representative MPs today and urge them to do the following for Ukraine.

  • Protect the civilians by supporting a no-fly zone over Ukraine, protecting them against Russian airstrikes; 
  • Supply Ukrainian Armed Forces with weapons needed to resist Russian invasion and cooperate with NATO allies in Europe to provide all the help needed to the Ukrainian Army Forces;
  • IMMEDIATELY announce visa-free entry to Canada for Ukrainian citizens akin to Ireland;
  • Expel Russian Ambassador from Canada and recall Canadian Ambassador from Russia; 
  • IMMEDIATELY stop purchasing Russian oil and gas and support the transition of Europe away from Russian natural resources;
  • Arrest assets of Russian oligarchs, who are benefiting from this war and implement a COMPLETE trade embargo, including against Roman Abramovich’s Evraz Group plants in Regina and Calgary; 
  • Ensure humanitarian corridors for Ukrainians fleeing war, especially women, children and seniors;
  • Expel Russia from all international and bilateral organization and groups, including from the OSCE, the G20 and others;
  • Ban any sports teams from Russia from entering Canada and competing with Canadian teams;

We want Canadian Members of Parliament who represent us to receive these emails from people asking them to help Ukraine during these extraordinary times. Democracy works and Ukraine will win alongside it.


Canada's Maple Leaf with Ukrainian Flag Colours

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