Ending Greener Homes GRANTS?

The Federal government has just cancelled the wildly successful Canada Greener Homes Grant program.  It was supposed to be available to homeowners across Canada for seven years when launched just two and a half years ago.  The reason for the cancellation? The program has been successful beyond expectations and has run through its budget.

At Green Communities Canada, we believe that successful climate-resilience programs that demonstrate clear greenhouse gas reductions should be improved and expanded, not closed.  GHG emissions in homes retrofitted through Greener Homes program in 2022 were reduced by 26%. 

In the announcement, Minister Wilkinson said the Federal government would relaunch the Greener Homes Grant program focused on lower- and moderate-income Canadians. No timeline was provided. While we’re potentially supportive of such efforts, the cancellation of the current program will mean that the infrastructure the government helped build through the employment of thousands of energy auditors and contractors in the field will be gutted as skilled tradespeople leave for other employment opportunities.

We’re calling on Canadians across the country to please take a minute to send off a letter to the Federal government urging them to reinstate the Greener Homes Grant program.  Use the letter below and feel free to customize it with your own perspective and story.

By clicking send, your message will be sent to Hon. Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Canada,  Hon. Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, and Hon. Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Finance. By including your address & postal code, it will also go to your local member of parliament.

Thank you!

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