Stand up against the landlord lobby and make housing more affordable for renters!

Forcing renters to pay for a broker the landlord hired is completely unfair. Renters already pay a massive upfront cost to live in NYC. This fee makes housing ever more unaffordable. 

That’s why Council Member Chi Ossé wrote the FARE (Fairness In Apartment Rental Expenses) Act. It’s a simple fix. If this bill is passed, the hiring party, whether landlord or tenant, would pay brokers fees. Tenants who choose not to hire a broker will never be forced to pay the fee again.

The FARE Act will have its first hearing at the City Council on June 12, and we need your help to stand up for renters and go up against the powerful real estate lobby that is doing everything in their power to kill this bill.

Here are three ways to help:

  1. Send a letter to your City Council Member and voice your support for the FARE Act using the form below.
  2. Join at a rally Council Member Ossé, 11 major unions and dozens of advocacy groups fighting for the FARE Act at in City Hall park on on June 12 at 10AM. Sign up here.
  3. Share your story about the high cost of brokers fees by submitting or reading testimony at the  Committee on Consumer and Worker Protection hearing on June 12 at 10AM. Sign up here.

For more details on why we need the FARE Act, check out this op-ed from Bradley Tusk in the NY Daily News. 

Thank you for fighting for a more affordable city.

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