300,953 sewage dumps… but £958 million paid out to shareholders? This shit needs to stop.

Sign the petition to demand an end to water companies profiting while polluting.

Everyone needs to know this: water companies are dumping raw sewage into our rivers and seas, racking up enormous fines and making huge financial losses, but still paying out millions of pounds to their shareholders.

This is corruption on a colossal scale. Money from our water bills, that should be invested to improve our infrastructure and stop pollution destroying our waterways, is instead being used to fill their pockets. We’re all paying the price.  

These fat cat sewer rats are ripping us all off and it’s time we held them to account. But it will take all of us speaking out to make change happen. 

Will you add your name to help pile on the pressure and push the government and regulators to put a stop to this scandal? 

We’re demanding:

  1. CEO bonuses to be capped – like we did with bankers – so they can’t get rich while ruining our rivers and seas.
  2. No shareholder pay-outs unless water companies comply with environmental regulations.
  3. Ofwat, the water company regulator, properly enforces their licences and stops water companies getting away with making their own rules. 
  4. All UK water companies (privatised or public) need to lift the lid on where our money is going.

If you want to hit water companies where it hurts, sign the petition now to demand an end to them profiting while polluting >>