Over the past two years, many Canadians with cystic fibrosis (CF) have been able to access Trikafta, a drug that is changing their lives. But provincial and territorial drug plans have not granted access to everyone who stands to benefit from this drug. We need your help to make this happen now. 

CF steals many things from children. Restful sleep is broken up by coughing fits. Time with friends is second to daily physio and therapy routines. Schooling is interrupted by hospital stays and infections. Family dynamics may be strained by the stress and anxiety of managing a chronic illness. Dreams about their future are clouded by heavy realities of a terminal disease.   

You can help change the face of cystic fibrosis by using our simple template tool to send a letter to your provincial or territorial elected official. Ask them to ensure Trikafta, a life changing CF drug, is funded for everyone who could benefit from it, including those with rare mutations who would have access to the drug in other countries. Your action today will help to ensure that more Canadians living with CF have healthier and longer lives.  

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