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A Fair Deal for CUPE 4600

CUPE 4600 is currently engaged in bargaining with Carleton University. The Collective Agreements representing Contract Instructors, Teaching Assistants, and Research Assistants expired at the end of the summer, and we are negotiating a new deal for members. 

We are asking CUPE 4600 members to sign on to this open letter, calling on Carleton to offer a fair deal for you and your colleagues. 

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • CUPE 4600 members wages have not kept up with inflation. Unit 1 members (TAs, RAs) have seen a 16% pay cut when adjusted for inflation, while Unit 2 members (CIs) have seen their wages cut by 9% when adjusted for inflation. 
  • Carleton currently does not have a centralized process for providing accommodations to members who need them. The piecemeal system currently in place has left many members feeling vulnerable to discrimination. 
  • Currently, no cap exists on how many students a single Teaching Assistant can be responsible for, making the workload untenable for Teaching Assistants, and making it very difficult for Contract Instructors to plan appropriate assessments for their students.

CUPE 4600 is committed to bargaining a fair deal at the negotiation table, while also preparing for every possible scenario, including job action. We believe a strong show of support from our membership will help push Carleton to offer us a fair deal, and reducing the risk of a strike at Carleton University. 


A Fair Deal for CUPE 4600

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