Ask WA State Leaders to save our most carbon-dense forests!

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Friends and supporters, we are making big progress in Olympia!

Our campaign scored a huge victory for climate and older forests this week. Washingtonians sent in thousands of emails asking our State Senators to reject amendments that would have stripped away all of the funding for older forests we’ve been fighting for, and it worked: our State Senate passed a preliminary budget that includes funding to protect 2,000 acres of older forests along with other provisions to increase sequestration on lands that DNR acquires. The entire package is $83 million.

Now, we need your help to get the House on board.

Every two years, each chamber of our state government proposes their own budget, and then they negotiate between the two. Since the House’s budget included just a fraction of the funding that the Senate put in, we need to push our House members to go with the Senate version. 

Please, take 2 minutes to email our State House and ask them to match the Senate’s game-changing funding proposal!

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These older state forests are among the most carbon-dense in the world. If we manage to defend this funding in the next few weeks, we will protect invaluable older public forests and take a big step forward on climate.  

If we fail, our state will release half a million tons of CO2 that will stay in the atmosphere for over 100 years.

Thank you for taking action,