The #TwitchDoBetter Movement Is Far From Over. Hate Raids and Racial Abuse Continue to Threaten the Lives and Livelihoods of Black Creators.

hotograph of a Black person wearing a virtual reality headset with a purple overlay and white text that reads: “Twitch, Protect Balck Creators” with the Color Of Change logo.

Throughout Black History Month, Twitch—like many other corporations—resorted to token gestures and performative activism. While it claimed to have featured more than 1,300 Black creators on its Front Page, the Black Brilliance section was relegated to the fourth shelf. This did little to boost their discoverability, or make them feel valued by the same platform that gains revenue and viewership from their content. And while Twitch claimed to have enhanced security protocols for those featured, online harassment continues. In fact, Black creators have reported an uptick in hate raids on the platform; racist users continue to target, harass, and abuse Black creators. Enough is enough. Twitch needs to make its commitment to Black brilliance and Black creators tangible.

Back in September 2021, Twitch unveiled two updates to its safety and security protocols: dual authentication and a mechanism for curbing channel-ban evasion. But since then, Twitch has left Black creators in the dark about what, if any, additional steps will be taken to protect them, and sits idle as anti-Black hate runs rampant on the platform. Twitch needs to be transparent, intentional, and swift in its efforts to protect Black creators. 

Join Color Of Change in demanding that #TwitchDoBetter and meet our outstanding demands: 

  • Easily accessible and well-communicated incident feedback loops – which would allow Black creators who’ve been harassed or hate-raided to obtain more immediate support. 
  • Improved moderation practices and support – which would equip Black creators and their teams with the tools needed to end hate raids and protect themselves from discriminatory language, especially during featured events. 
  • Commitment to conduct a racial equity audit – which would allow Twitch to eliminate any manifestation of bias, discrimination, or hate in its policies and procedures. 

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