Tweet President Biden: Demand he grant Clemency to Thousands on Home Confinement!

President Biden is granting clemency 70 people living on home confinement!

That means 70 people will soon be free to take care of themselves, pursue their dreams and goals, and spend time with their friends and family without the shackles of electronic monitors and the cruel restrictions of confinement. 

It is a historic moment for a President to grant so many clemencies in the first term of their presidency, and it’s important that we celebrate this victory for those 70 people and their families. But what about the other thousands of people still on home confinement? They also deserve clemency. 

President Biden promised us he'd cut the prison population in half and help put an end to racialized mass incarceration. And yet, he is dragging his feet on granting clemency to a group of people who have already spent the past 2 years proving that they are stronger at home with their families and communities, and were already heavily vetted by the Bureau of Prisons in order to be released to home confinement in the first place

Join us in turning up the pressure by tweeting at President Biden. Let's demand he grant clemency to all those living on home confinement today!

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Tweet President Biden: Demand he grant Clemency to Thousands and Keep People Home!