This Thanksgiving, Demand Biden Pardon People not Turkeys!

Did you know there are currently 18,000 people waiting for their clemency applications to be reviewed, but instead President Biden's first grant went to...a turkey?!

Among those waiting to hear about clemency are thousands of people, the majority of whom are elderly or immunocompromised, currently finishing their sentences on home confinement after being heavily vetted by the Bureau of Prisons and released to curb the spread of COVID-19 in prisons. 

We know it's a silly tradition for the President to pardon turkeys before Thanksgiving, but our country doesn't need silly outdated traditions. Especially not when there are thousands of people waiting to find out if they'll ever get to spend the holidays with their families again. 

Almost everyone released has been successfully finishing their sentences, reconnecting with friends, taking care of family, getting jobs and enrolling in school despite the restrictive, challenging, and carceral terms of home confinement.

But because of a Trump-era legal memo that says they must return to prison whenever the pandemic recedes, their only recourse is for Biden to grant them clemency. 

President Biden promised he'd cut the prison population in half and help put an end to racialized mass incarceration. And yet, when asked if he'd be pardoning any people in addition to turkeys this year at a press conference outside the White House, Biden responded in a joking manner: "just turkeys."1

This isn't a joke. There are real lives and real people at stake!

This holiday season, please join us to keep families together, get people home, and demand our President pardon people not turkeys. Send a letter today!

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