Tell your Senator: Reform the Jim Crow Filibuster

State legislators across the country are hard at work making sure that the historic voter turnout achieved in 2020 never happens again. Legislators and local election officials in 28 states are exploiting the lack of federal oversight to force through policies that disproportionately limit Black voters’ access to the ballot. The John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act would not only restore federal oversight when state legislatures try to enact racist voting laws, it would ensure that no state can make any drastic change to the way they conduct elections without considering how those changes would impact Black voters.

When a mob of white insurrectionists tried to overturn the results of the election we  witnessed the fragility of our democracy. Because of the filibuster, Senate Republicans have the power to block the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act bill, and every other bill that could strengthen our democracy. Send a message to your Senator that they should get rid of the filibuster and pass the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act immediately!



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