Tell Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance: Stop Sending People to Rikers to Die

14 people have officially lost their lives in NYC jail custody this year. Two people have died in just the past 3 days alone.

Anthony Scott, who had autism and battled mental illness, was taken off life support on Monday after he was found hanging in a holding pen in Manhattan Criminal Court. He had been ordered held on $15,000 cash bail or a $45,000 bond while awaiting disposition of the case. 

And just last week, 64-year old Victor Mercado contracted and died from COVID-19 while sitting in jail because he couldn't afford the exorbitant $100,000 bail set for his case. He had been granted compassionate release 1 hour before he died.

Anthony and Victor were sentenced to death before even being convicted. And we can't allow one more person to succumb to this cruelty.

This is a humanitarian crisis and the only solution is immediate decarceration. Join Color Of Change and call Manhattan DA Cy Vance to demand he stops sending people to Rikers to die. 

Join the call to action! We will provide a script to make your call easy and impactful.

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