Tell companies to stop funding insurrectionist Members of Congress!

It’s only been ONE MONTH since the insurrection, and four companies already resumed funding congressional insurrectionists. As much as it was crucial for companies to pause their political donations immediately after the insurrection, it is just as important that they make a long-term commitment.

The insurrection was not an isolated incident; it was an escalation of white nationalist violence against our communities that has been legitimized by the members of Congress who incited the insurrection. Even after the insurrection, several members of Congress kept trying to undermine our democracy. Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebart, for example, took the stage at Conservative Political Action Conference, pledged their loyalty to Trump, and made threats against other members of Congress. Corporations play a huge part in keeping violence-inciters in power. Through their political giving, corporations empower candidates to spread misinformation and fuel white nationalist organizing. We must tell AT&T, CIGNA, INTEL, and T-MOBILE that we won’t allow them to fund white nationalism--not during an insurrection, not ever.  

Call AT&T, Cigna, Intel, & T-Mobile CEOs and tell them to stop funding insurrectionists.

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