Tell Coca-Cola: No More Funds For Cop City

The Atlanta Police Foundation is currently attempting to build Cop City, a 85-arce militarized police training facility in the Weelanuee/South River Forest right outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The $90 million facility will include a mock village where officers learn how to treat Atlanta and other urban areas like war zones. Studies have shown that police forces armed with combat-grade equipment kill more civilians, prevent less crime and make residents feel less safe. Black Americans are also more likely than whites to have SWAT teams, trained in facilities like Cop City, deployed in their neighborhoods. These disturbing trends mean that, without a doubt, urban assault tactics honed at Cop City  are more likely to be used against Black residents.

The environmental harm of Cop City will disproportionately fall on Black and low-income residents. The South River is the fourth most endangered river in America. Additionally, the removal of old growth trees in the Weelanuee/South River Forest and chemical runoff from weapons testing at Cop City will further flood and pollute the South River and the surrounding communities. Black Atlantans already bear the brunt of pollution in Georgia and would be hit the hardest by these negative environmental factors. 

Despite the clear risk Cop City poses to Black people and people of color in and out of Atlanta, Coca-Cola remains one of the largest donors to the Atlanta Police Foundation. The Atlanta Police Foundation relies on corporate donations from companies like Coca-Cola to skirt demands for police accountability and demilitarization. Coca-Cola cannot claim to be committed to racial equity while ignoring the inherent inequalities embedded in Cop City. Coca-Cola must cut all financial ties with the Atlanta Police Foundation and side with Black activists in the fight agaisnt Cop City.

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