Send a Letter Now #JusticeForZadok

Demand Dekalb CEO Thurmond - FIRE SGT DEVON PERRY NOW!!!

Dear Justice For Zadok Supporters, 

Dekalb County police officer, Sgt. Devon Perry is still working even though he violated 4 Dekalb policies when he unjustly shot and killed Matthew Zadok Williams in his home and left him to die rendering no medical aid. Will you help us by sending an email to Dekalb County, GA CEO Michael Thurmond to demand that Sgt. Devon Perry be terminated immediately? 


[recipient position will go here] [recipient name will go here],

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[your email address will go here] [your location will go here]

Here are the 4 policy violations that Perry committed: 

  1. Kicked Zadok's door open instead of activating SWAT when Zadok retreated into his own home  
  2. Failed to follow the Dekalb police mental health policy even though the officer acknowledged that Zadok was "definitely mentally ill" 
  3. Excessive force by firing 4 shots into Zadok's home at close range for no reason at all
  4. Failed to render medical aid and turned EMS away after firing 4 shot

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