Send a letter: Demand NYC District Attorneys Let our People Go!

There is a humanitarian crisis on Rikers Island and across New York City jails. The only solution is immediate decarceration now.

In April 2020, after years of successful advocacy and organizing aimed at closing Rikers Island - the last remaining penal colony used to exile incarcerated people in the United States - New York City jails were detaining less than 4,000 people for the first time in 75 years!

But since then, the jail population has swelled to over 6,000 people. And, more than 89% of those people have not even been convicted. 

Unsurprisingly, Black and brown people bear the brunt of this unjust system. Over 90% of the people held in NYC jails are Black and Latinx.

Meanwhile, guards have walked off the job in droves - using sick days or going AWOL as a means to create more chaos and in the process, only making the situation worse for incarcerated people.

Now, 16 people have died in the New York City jails this year alone.

This is a mass incarceration crisis. Send a letter and demand we decarcerate Rikers Island today!


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