Send Biden a holiday card that really matters this year & demand clemency for thousands!

You’ll likely send and receive many holiday cards this year. But there’s one you can send that can help people like Kendrick Fulton and his mother (pictured above) stay together, and keep the thousands of others finishing their prison sentences on home confinement safe and out of cages.

At the height of the pandemic, thousands of people - many of whom are elderly or immunocompromised - were released from federal prison to finish their sentences on home confinement in order to curb the spread of COVID-19, which we know runs rampant in prisons and jails that lack adequate health and safety services. 

And just like you, people on home confinement are now preparing for the holiday season - looking forward to sharing the warmth of their chosen families and breaking bread together. 

  • Kendrick will be celebrating his first Christmas with his mother in almost 2 decades. 
  • Tiara Felix will be helping care for her maternal grandmother.
  • Lawrence McCarroll will be supporting his mother through chemotherapy, so they can spend the holidays with his son and extended family. 
  • And Adrienne Moody will be holding her first granddaughter tight as we ring in the New Year.

These are just some of the stories featured in holiday cards that will be sent to Biden when you take action. And, while everyone we’ve spoken with on home confinement is grateful to be home with their families, they’ve also suffered while attempting to navigate the carceral, and at times, cruel restrictions of home confinement and the psychological torture of not knowing if/when they’ll be ripped from their families and sent back to prison again. 

President Biden promised us he'd cut the prison population in half and help put an end to racialized mass incarceration. And yet, he is dragging his feet on granting clemency to a group of people who have already spent the past year proving that they are stronger at home with their families and communities, and were already heavily vetted by the Bureau of Prisons in order to be released to home confinement in the first place.

Too often the actual people affected by criminal justice issues get lost in the political battlefield.This holiday season, let’s recenter the focus for clemency onto the people most impacted. 

With one click, you can fax the White House multiple holiday cards featuring portraits and stories of people who will be sent back to prison whenever the pandemic subsides unless Biden takes action and grants them clemency today. 

Join us in sending holiday cards that really matter this year!


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