Demand Medically Vulnerable People are Released From Federal Prison!

Three women have died from COVID-19 at Alderson Federal Prison this year already. That's 15 people total COVID-19 related deaths while trapped in federally funded cages in 2022 alone

Rebecca “Maria” Adams, Juanita Haynes, and Bree Eberbaugh had requested compassionate releases because of preexisting medical conditions that made them more vulnerable to death or complications from COVID-19. And although these medical conditions were exacerbated by poor medical treatment inside of prison, both Maria and Bree’s releases were denied. Juanita's was granted too late. She was released while intubated and died 4 days later in a hospital bed. 

Because of untrustworthy reporting from the Bureau of Prisons, the only way for us to truly understand the extent of this crisis is through desperate and heartbreaking emails, similar to the graphic above, from women incarcerated in federal prisons. 

All of these deaths were preventable. The Bureau of Prisons has the power and resources to grant compassionate releases AND to release medically vulnerable people to finish their sentences on home confinement. And yet, only about 5 percent of the people in federal prison have been granted release to home confinement since the beginning of the pandemic, and only 36 compassionate release requests were granted between March 2020 and June 2021. 

No one deserves to live in a cage or die in chains. COVID-19 in prisons is a death sentence. 

Join us to demand the Bureau of Prisons release all medically vulnerable people from federal prisons immediately. 

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