Demand Congress Pass The Martha Wright Act

Goal: 1000

As prisons and jails ban in-person visits to stop the spread of infection, the only way that families can stay in touch with their incarcerated loved ones is through phone or video calls. But prison telecom corporations are charging families with incarcerated loved ones up to $25 for a 15-minute phone call. Many families simply can’t afford these sky-high rates and in the age of COVID-19, this is all the more apparent.

But there’s hope. The COVID-19 Compassion and Martha Wright Prison Phone Justice Act passed in the House of Representatives. The Act will bring phone justice for millions of families. The Act would clarify that the FCC has the legal authority to stop the predatory behaviors of prison phone corporations, opening the door for millions of families to connect. Rep. Bobby Rush’s bill would immediately drive down rates to 4 to 5 cents per minute if passed.

Tell your senators to do their part to support The Martha Wright Prison Phone Justice Act in the Senate. Your voice is crucial in the fight to keep families connected. 

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