Call now to hold companies accountable for funding insurrection-inciters!

It’s been almost one year since the violent attack on the Capitol. When the insurrection happened, we asked several corporations to cut off their funding for Congress Members who incited the attack. But just a few months later, several corporations already backed out of their promise to stop PAC donations going to Congress Members who incited the riot on the Capitol. 

This is completely unacceptable. When white nationalists rioted on the Capitol, companies made a commitment to stop funding the Members of Congress who caused the riot and explicitly attempted to overthrow the will of Black voters. This doesn’t mean they can stop funding insurrection-inciters for a little while and get off scot free. Companies need to maintain their commitment, or else be considered culpable in a violent, deadly attempt to destroy our democracy.  

The insurrection was not some isolated incident; it was an escalation of white nationalist violence against our communities that has been legitimized by the members of Congress who incited the insurrection. In the lead up to the insurrection, members of Congress, like Senator Cruz and Representative Hawley, encouraged their followers to intimidate and harass poll workers in places like Georgia, Detroit, and Philadelphia, places that were trying to ensure every Black vote was counted. Politicians have continued to do everything in their power to get Black votes thrown out. After the insurrection, several members of Congress kept trying to undermine our democracy. Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebart, for example, took the stage at Conservative Political Action Conference, pledged their loyalty to Trump, and made threats against other members of Congress. And just a few weeks ago, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp passed yet another voter suppression law. 

Corporations play a huge part in keeping these kinds of politicians in power, and we cannot allow it to continue. CALL NOW TO HOLD CORPORATIONS ACCOUNTABLE FOR FUNDING INSURRECTION-INCITERS!

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